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Business Edge announces new law firm website blogging platform

Posted on Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Business Edge, a web development company specializing in law firm web development, marketing, and branding, announced today that its Lawadmin platform ( has added a fully functional blogging tool in order to seamlessly connect the law firm's content into a single integrated content management system.
The new BloggersEdge module breaks several key barriers organizations face when adding blogs to their main corporate website; because it integrates with the Lawadmin CMS system, where all  all other firm-wide data resides, it allows for a more collaborative environment and automatically makes connections between lawyers, practices, and blog entries. It also provides a huge advantage over similar offerings by other companies: cost.

"Our product delivers best-of-breed integration and ease-of-use that allows all knowledge leaders at small and large firms alike to take advantage of the benefits that fresh content brings to your website," says Matt DeLucia, president of Business Edge. "Our goal is to accelerate the transition from a business-as-usual attitude about marketing your abilities to one where writing about your job becomes easy, as second nature as a hand-held device is to a teenager. BloggersEdge is about delivering a great work experience that turbo-charges online collaboration and productivity. We'd like our clients to experience the benefits of this, yet not have to pay through the nose for it."

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