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After 20+ years of satisfying hundreds of website design clients, we are still creating beautifully designed and functional web sites, and we continue to leading design innovators in the field of website development.

Since 1997, Business Edge, a Connecticut-based website design firm with offices in New York City and Farmington, has provided a broad range of services and integrated solutions, delivering Search Optimization and consulting, website development and design, and content management not only to some of the largest companies in the world, but to some of the most respected Law Firms, Financial firms and banks, Churches & Synagogues, non-profits and startups.

Our Website Design Guarantees:

Your firm's website will be custom and unique.
Too many website designers offer low-ball prices because they use generic pre-fabricated templates. Whether our client is a huge multi-national firm or a "Mom-and-Pop" start-up, we always design our client's websites from scratch to get the best result.

Your firm's website development cost is always a fixed price.
Many firms get burned by other website design companies with hidden charges, sometimes doubling or tripling what your firm agreed to initially pay. We don't play those games; once we agree on the budget, we remain steadfastly behind it.

Your website will be developed by U.S.-based employees.
We don't use outsourced foreigners; branding your firm's online presence could be bungled because of a language barrier. Since many of our clients are service-based, such as our NYC and CT based law firms, the message your website conveys has to be clean and precise.

No hidden ownership clauses to your firm.
Why would we want to own your design, so we can hold it ransom as other designers? That's not our style. Many website design firms have ownership clauses that don't make business sense for you.

Free, up to the minute website updates.
Lawadmin, our Legal content management system, allows your firm to update ALL of your content immediately without having to call us, with no additional update fees.

24/7 support.
Even after hours. your firm can reach us with critical changes or issues. We're always working, even when we're not in our office.

Free brain-picking.
After you become our client, you'll find that any time you want to know anything that is website or marketing related and that affects your firm or other business, we'll be happy to help answer your questions.

Website SEO advice that is not self-enriching.
Many of our Website design and SEO competitors dish out marketing advice that enriches them first and their clients last. Our Website Search Engine Optimization philosophy is to make you successful; our own success will then follow yours

Law Firm Web Design

We build brilliant websites that include all the modern day features you’ll need to impress and convert visitors into clients.

SEO for Lawyers

Nobody looks on the second page of Google to find a law firm. We create proven search engine marketing campaigns that put our clients at the top of search engines.

PPC/Display Advertising

If you're looking to make your phone ring now, pay-per-click and display advertising is your best bet. Paired with search engine optimization, you've got a recipe for success.

Video Marketing

We know how to get you covered in local & national media, and legal specific publications. We’re one of the few with real experience with legal PR.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is driving so much traffic it is almost outperforming traditional information search. Its important to keep up with the pace that the world is changing.

Local Service Ads

Ads are now being prioritized by the importance of their local relevance. The more your local clients interact with your business will give you the rankings you need.

You don’t have to take our word for it.

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