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The first step is to identify optimal keywords and phrases that will bring your firm the best results. The keywords we select are not only derived from your company's goals; they are also the result of our research into what is going on in the "search world" with your identified keywords. Picking the most effective and efficient keywords and keywords phrases requires a combination of business knowledge and SEO acumen.

The first implementation phase of Natural Site Optimization is to search-optimize your web site's content relative to the selected keywords and phrases. We will review all the content on your site and make modifications where necessary, all with your approval.

We will then endeavor to produce as many quality inbound links to your site as possible, a step that is just as important as the site optimization phase. Often this involves creating a separate "sub-specialty" site with its own domain (such as a blog site). Every situation is different, so the work we do during this phase will be customized to your company.

After this work has been completed, it's imperative that analysis and follow-up continue, as it often takes weeks or months to see comprehensive results from Natural Site Optimization.

Our web log statistics, included with all our law firm hosting accounts, will show the gradual and steady uptick in traffic that comes with a skillfully implemented Natural Site Optimization.

Business Edge's Natural Site Optimization services include some or all of the following:

  • URL Submission to business-relevant sites
  • Writing SEO-focused page titles and meta tags with keyword content
  • Adding SEO features to your content management system
  • Creating and monitoring sub-sites (such as blogs)
  • Assisting with the writing of SEO-focused site copy
  • Adding text links that include targeted keywords
  • Optimization of content-to-markup ratio
  • Submission to local search
  • Press release optimization and submission
  • Social Media setup and management


Paid Internet Referencing for law firms

Paid referencing (or PPC, "Pay Per Click") involves setting up individual PPC accounts with search engines (such as Google Adwords) and placing "bids" on desirable keywords and phrases that will help your company attract new customers.

PPC is based on an auction model, and keywords can range in price from a few cents to $30 or more per click depending on the competitiveness of your market and the words and/or phrases that are being bid on. Although your company will not be charged a fee until someone clicks on your ad and is directed to your site, these campaigns still need to be monitored closely.

Natural or "organic" referencing tends to be the best long-term solution (as its results are free). Having said that, however, quite often we do recommend advertising in a PPC campaign in order to effectively compete in situations in which high organic page placement (i.e. on the first page of Google results, for example) is either difficult, or will take longer to achieve.

Business Edge's Paid Internet Referencing services include:

  • Research on strategic keywords and keyword phrases
  • PPC campaign development
  • PPC campaign monitoring and adjustment
  • Campaign customer tracking

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