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Using RSS feeds to promote your website articles to a vast array of readers

Posted on Sunday, January 28, 2018

When your firm publishes online articles the biggest challenge, after geting people to write them in the first place, is to get people in today's competitive and cluttered environment to pay attention, to read our opinions and to respond to them. With a vast library of information to vy for your reader's attention, RSS feeds (RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication) seem, on the surface anyway, to be a great solution to deliver your content to as many people (potential clients, etc) as possible. But like anything else, it depends on how you do it.

RSS gives a site owner or blogger the ability to easily send out notifications of a new article or newsletter or a promotion to subscribers who subscribe to the RSS feed; they receive notification of anything new and gain access to any future articles or site updates, allowing you to keep in close contact with clients and regular visitors. The RSS feeds also encourage other sites to link to your content, which helps your site's search engine ranking in the long term. RSS feeds also encourage viral marketing, which means other people will be forwarding your information and links, resulting in tremendous business exposure.

Many businesses, law firms in particular, post lots of valuable infornmation but do not realize how powerful an RSS feed can be; they can provide a substantial increase of traffic to your site using content you are already posting.

FeedBurner is a service provided by Google that does a number of things: it cleans up your RSS feed, gives you statistics on your readers, enables you to distribute your content to affiliate sites as well as through email and twitter and other social Facebook and MySpace. Using FeedBurner takes a little know-how, but if it's used correctly it can drive new readership to your site. Other sites that can  be useful to submit yoru blog or articles to are sites like Technorati, Blogdigger, Feedage, RSS Network, and Plazoo.

Some other ideas to promote your new RSS feed: use RSS "auto-discovery" tags, include a standard RSS feed icon on all your web pages, submit your RSS to various feed directories, inform your email list that the RSS is now available, send out a press release about the new RSS feed, and use social media as well as normal mouth to mouth communication to promote the feed.

Understanding how the RSS syndication process works is very important to the marketing goals of any firm whether it's a law firm or a small web store. Contact Business Edge today to help set up your blog or RSS feed.

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