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Blogs can be a powerful tool for attorneys and business professionals to develop new contacts and create new connections. Thought leadership comes with the repetition of empowering others with your knowledge, and this will only occur if you put the time into posting information that is truly useful to others. Becoming an authority on a subject means writing about it, not just telling your clients how good you are, even if you are good at what you do! Blog posts create an image of authority on your chosen topic, and will inevitably lead to being a leader in your field if you write well and frequently.

Business Edge can help you create your blog in an original way so it does not look like someone created it in five minutes. Your blog will be unique and professional and the text will be easy to read nnot only on computer screens, but also on mobile devices.

Business Edge blog clients not only pay less than other blog vendors, but they work better with search engines! Your blog will be found higher in search engine results than our competitors, not because we use tricks or black-hat techniques, but because we are also an SEO company and we combine these separate arts, blog design and SEO, into one product!

We have experts and leaders in design who use Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, and other state of the art tools to develop your new blog to the highest standards. You'll be happy with what your blog looks like, because your input will help produce it.

Here are some BLOG examples:

Waters McPherson Environmental BLOG

Waters McPherson Tax Appeal/Condemnation BLOG

Willinger, Willinger & Bucci Business Law BLOG

Business Edge on Blogspot - Law firm web design BLOG


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